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Pubs Prepare for St. Patty's Day

BANGOR - Pubs around the state are preparing for the famous Irish holiday that will no doubt bring an influx of customers through its doors tomorrow.

Geaghan's Restaurant and Pub in Bangor has been prepping for Saint Patrick's Day for quite some time now.


Staff putting finishing touches on outfits and hairstyles for tomorrow, while brewers work overtime to prepare for the amount of beer that will be served.


"We go through lots of barrels of beer," Andrew Geaghan, an owner and brewer at the pub, says. "We're very nervous in the brewery right now. We're just praying there's some left over at the backside of day. We've been working really hard, brewing up a storm, and to capacity. We should be all set, but it's going to be quite a bit."


Geaghan also wants to remind customers that despite the fun filled holiday, which happens to fall on a Monday, to be responsible.

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