Monday, 03 March 2014 22:37

Sheriffs' Departments Could see Major Changes

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STATE WIDE - A number of counties will see new Sheriffs next year as at least 7 now have indicated they're retiring.


"Change can be good, change can be bad," says Sheriff Glenn Ross of Penobscot County, but change is what is possibly headed to sheriffs' departments across the state.


7 Sheriffs across the state have indicated they will not or may not return in 2015. With another 7 up for re-election, there could be major changes down the road.


"It will be sad to see all of that discipline and all of that knowledge leave, but at the same time, things change and there are many good people coming up through the ranks," says Ross.


Sheriff Glenn Ross is just one of those who will be hanging his hat, "Jails take a lot of the time. So if somebody's just getting in it for the law enforcement part of it, they're missing out on what their major part of their role is."


Some fear if there is a major turnover; years of experience will vanish, but others say it could make for a clean slate to reform how the departments work. Glenn Ross has this advice, "You're only going to be successful as Sheriff if you have good people around you. That's how you get this job done."

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