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100,000 Dollars Left to go

BANGOR - The fundraising effort to support a major renovation project at the Bangor Public Library is nearly complete.


To date, the library has raised 8.9 million dollars. All that's left to raise is an additional 100-thousand dollars, and the 9 million dollar goal will be reached.


Funds have poured in from across the state, and library staff say they're thrilled to have this support from the community.


"We were getting inquires from across the county, even around the globe," says Lisa Frazell of the Bangor Public Library. "People had these stories about how the Library has touched them.  It's definitely been heartwarming to hear a lot of that."


They hope to finish the fundraising campaign by the end of this month. You can drop checks off at the library or you can donate online by visiting the library's website.

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