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Old Town Boy Scouts Camp in the Cold for a Cause

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Old Town Boy Scouts Camp in the Cold for a Cause

OLD TOWN - A group of Boy Scouts plan to spend the night camping outside in Old Town to help feed neighbors in need.


Troop 76 is collecting food in an overnight effort at the gazebo in Old Town's local park.



They've been there since 5 p.m. Friday and plan to be there until noon Saturday.


Troop leaders say the scouts go camping often, so they are prepared to brave the cold weather for a good cause. 



"Boy scouts provide service to the community, that's part of the values they learn in scouting," said  Scout Master, Chris Kelly. "One of the things we're doing is part of the city of Old Town's community food drive, we are trying to draw attention tonight to the need for food in the area and asking the public to support our efforts." 



"Our troop got involved about a month ago. It's a month long food drive for the community and we've been doing a few things," said Boy Scout Cameron Depaola. "This really makes an impact."



The Boy Scouts say they have plenty of hot chocolate to help get them through the frigid night, but they could use more donations from folks like you!


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