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Maine Secretary of State Visits UMaine Orono

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Maine Secretary of State Visits UMaine Orono

ORONO - Maine's Secretary of State returned to his Alma mater Thursday, visiting the University of Maine campus in Orono.


Matthew Dunlap was honored as a Margaret Chase Smith Distinguished Maine Policy Fellow.


The honor goes to Maine individuals with a past or current career as a policy maker in the state.


Thursday Dunlap met with the President of the University, taught an undergraduate class, and toured the campus he used to know well.


"In college I worked at the print shop, during my undergraduate and graduate years," Dunlap explains. "This is somewhat of a home for me in many ways. It's very humbling to have these people ask me to be a guest like this. It's really quite nice."


"Matt spoke in a political science class and they asked wonderful questions," Mary Cathcart, of the Margaret Chase Smith Police Center, says. "We try to have about three of these distinguished fellows a semester, and every time time I do this I learn something new about my University, and I'm proud of my students."


Dunlap is Maine's 49th Secretary of State.


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