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Penobscot Theatre Camp

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BANGOR - There's a multitude of ways chilldren can spend their February vacations. Some kids are spending time out of the house.  Other's are taking a different approach.


These children are still learning on their break from school. All ten are attending a camp for students interested in theatre and drama. The event is put on by the Penobscot Theatre Company. For one week the students are engaged in theatre with different warm-ups and games.

Xerxes Grant says the camp has been a great way to make friends.

Jasmine Ireland, Director of Education and Outreach says the activities are designed to get students up and moving.
One of the warm-ups is magical sculptures.
They make a pose when they become comfortable with the song that plays.

Each day of the week holds a different subject. There is also a lesson along with a multi-media presentation.  Tuesday's...fairytales and fables.

Campers gathered around the computer to watch a few fairytales and answer questions.

Camp Councilor Mikayla Burridge says it’s important for students to be offered an environment to be creative and thrive.

Anyone under the age of 12 that’s interested can attend, for the whole week or just for a day.


Link to Penobscot Theatre: http://www.penobscottheatre.org/index.php?id=422&sub_id=1601 



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