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City Council Passes Restrictions on Sex Offender Residency Areas

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City Council Passes Restrictions on Sex Offender Residency Areas

BANGOR - An ordinance that sets additional limits on where sex offenders can live in the Bangor area was passed by a vote of 6-3 Monday night by the city council.

In 2013, a regulation was passed that restricted offenders from living within 750 feet of schools or municipal properties.


Due to a recent change in state law, local governments are now allowed to extend the areas of restriction against these offenders, leaving a divided council Monday night.


"There are safeguards that could potentially save, or potentially stop something that would harm one child's perspective on life," Councilor James Gallant, says. "I think it's worth that ordinance."


"This is a law that wouldn't have any effect," Councilor Josh Plourde, who did extensive research on the issue, says. "We might actually be providing an additional false sense of security to households. I would hate to see someone let their guard down because of this ordinance. That's what I'm worried about."


Councilors Neally, Baldacci, Graham, Civiello, Sprague, and Gallant voted yes; Councilors Plourde, Blanchette, and Durgin voted no.


Additionally an order to authorize the establishment of a grease intercepting system in numerous downtown Bangor restaurants was passed.


The approval, two years in the making, will administer a grant program to provide financial assistance to these food service establishments.

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