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A Great Maine Adventure: Dog Sledding

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MILLINOCKET - It may seem like there hasn't been much to do outside this winter, but now we have a little more snow. In our latest Great Maine Adventure, we take you north of here for a unique sport that may interest you.

When these pups aren't running, they want to be. I counted on them for my last Great Maine Adventure: dog sledding. But it wasn't quite what I had expected.

So rather than just go for a joy ride, I was going to drive a team of six racing dogs.

Angel Hibbs and her husband, Don, own Maine Dog Sledding Adventures in Millnocket, where they train 20 mixed-breed huskies with help from their daughter, Fredericka.

Fredericka led the team through the woods, down to the lake and then it was my turn.

The Hibbs have been dog sledding for about 30 years, primarily using the dogs for racing, and offering tours on the side.

The Hibbs offer both half day and full day dog sledding introductions, and two and three day tours. For more information you can call them at 731-8888, or visit their website.

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