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My Maine Ride Hearing Rescheduled

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My Maine Ride Hearing Rescheduled

BANGOR - Customers who purchased their vehicles at my Maine Ride showed up at the Bangor DMV this morning to testify against Glenn Geiser.



The Attorney General has filed a suit after customers reported deceptive trade practices in connection with the promotion and sale of used cars.


The hearing, however, has been rescheduled for February 26th.


This, after attorney Joe Baldacci who is representing Geiser tells FOXABC Maine that the AG's office still had roughly 30 pages of information they have yet to disclose.


In the meantime, Geiser will still be allowed to run his business, something former customers have a problem with.


"I just feel that he needs to stop defrauding people," says Tammy Haskell. "I just think he should be accountable for all the cars that he's ever sold to anybody."


Baldacci says he has reached out to the AG's office, but says "The Attorney General isn't willing to do any significant negotiations."


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