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8 Snowmobile Accidents in 2 Days


BANGOR - Maine Game Wardens are sending out some serious reminders after numerous snowmobile accidents occurred across the state this weekend.


Accident after Accident has kept Maine Game Wardens working around the clock. "Yeah, a very busy weekend," acknowledged Game Warden Alan Curtis.


8 in total over the past weekend, scattered throughout the state from Fort Kent down to Lewiston.


and while many Mainers have been using them for years, there's a danger when it comes to getting too comfortable.


"Things could go wrong in the blink of an eye," says Curtis.


"I think a lot of the accidents we are seeing are speed related.  A lot of these machines are very powerful," says Garnett Johnston with the Windham Drifters.


So before you head out,  you should gear up. Grab a strong coat, gloves, helmet, and always remember to keep to the right.


Curtis adds, "I've seen accidents all the way from just somebody that flips off and I've covered fatalities."


"6, 7, 800, 1000 CC machines that can go very fast. A lot of them can go over 100 miles an hour," says Johnston.


Plenty of times kids ride up front with mom or dad, and in that case you have to be extremely careful.


Curtis says, "It doesn't' take much for a little kid to go boom, and its wide open." He adds its as simple as remembering 3 easy S's, "Ride safe, ride smart, ride slow."


Keep trail conditions in mind and when you do speed up, focus on whats ahead.  Most importantly,don't drink and drive. "If you're an .08 or greater, you're going to to go jail if we catch you driving a snowmobile," says Curtis.

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