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Revenue Sharing Bill Passed without Republicans

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AUGUSTA - State republicans claim democrats pulled a fast one, voting to pass a $40 million state revenue sharing bill without input from across the aisle.

"The democrats chose to take a vote on a very important issue without any republican sitting at the table," says House Republican Leader Kenneth Fredette.


The bill would take $21 million out of the state's budget stabilization, or "rainy day fund" in order to help cities and towns, an issue legislators debated two weeks ago.


Democrats say republican lawmakers knew a vote was going to happen.


"They had a conversation with the Republicans and their counterparts before they went out to say what their intentions were of moving this proposal forward, and they did just that," explains Speaker of the House, Mark Eves.


Despite draining the same "rainy day fund" $27 million in his first year as governor, LePage says the fund should remain untouched, in order to maintain the state's credit rating.


Press Secretary Adrienne Bennett says, "The governor has stated he would veto a bill if it were to raid the budget stabilization fund. It would be very unfortunate and a disappointment to the governor."


Most of the bill's funding would benefit municipalities in 2015, with democrats and republicans debating the urgency of a resolution.


Absent lawmakers were given 24 hours to cast a vote, and even if every republican votes no, the bill will still move forward.


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