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A Medical Miracle: Linda's Story

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SEBEC - It's a medical breakthrough. A first of it's kind treatment for stroke and traumatic brain injury patients that helps them return to living a normal life.


Three years ago, Linda Lumbra of Sebec suffered a violent seizure. Unable to walk, unable to speak, she felt trapped in her own body. That was, until exactly two weeks ago, Tuesday.




Linda Lumbra is a wife, daughter, mother, and mammy, as she's known by her grandchildren. She was a teacher for more than two decades. But on one school day, something terrible happened.



"Basically, the last thing I remember is I had a reading recovery lesson with a child," said Linda.  "That child left the room and I didn't feel very well, which is not totally uncommon before a seizure."




Linda was found seizing on the classroom's bathroom floor an estimated 45 minutes later. After ten days in the hospital, Linda was diagnosed with an acute brain injury, her case was moderate to severe.



"I couldn't shower... you're life totally changes because you're not independent anymore."



Even after months of therapy, she was weak.. and walked with a limp. Her speech, slow and hard to understand. The reality had settled in... and Linda felt defeated. But that all changed, one December day.



"Had my mom not seen this article, we would have no idea about Doctor Tobinick."



Linda and her family found Doctor Edward Tobinick at the Institute of Neurological Recovery in Boca Raton, Florida. He developed a breakthrough treatment for stroke and traumatic brain injury patients.



One single injection, and a 4 minute wait.


"Wow! It's bright in here!"


With those five words, Linda Lumbra had her life back.


Her husband Benny, had his Linda back.


"I hadn't heard that voice in three years!" said Benny.



Linda says Gabby Giffords was her inspiration, the entire journey.






For more information on Dr. Edward Tobinick and the Institute of Neurological Recovery, visit www.strokebreakthrough.com.



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