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Teaching High School Students how to Fly

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BREWER - One local High School is going above and beyond for their students, as they get the chance to learn how to fly, as a flight simulator is motivating students to consider a career in aviation.


It's not everyday your typical classroom can take to the skies, but that's exactly what students at Brewer High School are doing.


"Right here is a rudimentary flight simulator that we have put together with real FAA certified instruments," Lt. Col. Jason Winslow.


A flight simulator course, giving future pilots and those who just want to learn the trade real life experience that also fulfills actual training to one day obtain their pilots license.


"A real FAA certification in ground school, which is an 800 dollar value," says Winslow.


"Right now, I think we've got a pretty good opportunity here," says Brewer High School Senior John Collins. "I don't think I'd ever thought about being a Pilot if it wasn't for being allowed to take this class."


With the course being offered as a high school elective, more students are now receiving the chance to learn how to operate such a machine.


"Even if they don't end up getting their pilots license, its a good knowledge to know how things work," says Brewer High School Senior, Candace Doughty.


"Everyone's having a great time," says Collins. "But next year there's going to be a lot of kids that sign up for this, and I don't know if they'll have room."


That's because this program is just taking off, "We actually have plans to bring in an entire aircraft on wheels, tail , wings, the entire thing, and put our flight simulator inside of the Cessna 170," says Winslow.


Giving students more opportunities, landing in a career that they may have never even thought was possible.

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