Thursday, 05 December 2013 22:12

The End of Prohibition: 80 Years Later

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BANGOR - For 13 years, there was a nationwide ban on selling, producing, importing, and transporting alcohol. But on December 3rd, 1933, Prohibition came to an end. And ever since, Maine's economy has been thankful for that repeal. Our Erin Thomas reports.

80 years ago today, alcohol flowed freely again. As Americans were no longer forced to dump their beer and liquor into the streets, but rather toasted the repeal of Prohibition.

Now, decades later, it's created a booming industry, that Maine's economy has become reliant on.

When it comes to beer, Mainers are finding endless flavors to please their palates.

What would have previously been known as "bootlegging," many are even exploring the hobby of homebrewing.

Leaving it clear that Mainers aren't worried about the future of their spirits.

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