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National Cookie Day

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BANGOR - Today may be a special one if you have a sweet tooth, as many of us do.
It is National Cookie Day! Our Erin Thomas dropped by an area bakery to put her taste buds, to the test.

They can be simple, or elaborate. We all love cookies.

Mark December 4th on your calendar for this sweet treat, it's National Cookie Day.

We set out to see which kind is the best, at Frank's Bake Shop.

Mass producing cookies for the holiday season has this crew very busy. Filling up sheets, and popping them in the oven.

But a hidden secret lies within their most popular pick. Two cookies make up this gem, a timeless classic.

And while the younger crowd has their favorites: chocolate chip, frosting, etc.

There's one cookie that still takes the cake, the date-filled molasses.

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