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Shelter's Hot Water Heater Needs Repairs

BANGOR - As it gets colder outside, many of the area's homeless population are making their way to shelters and now more than ever donations are needed.



Just recently the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter experienced issues with its hot water heater.


While not every bathroom is effected, it is still an issue they plan to fix, which is sure to be a costly endeavor.


Last year the shelter paid over 13-thousand dollars in heating, hot water, and sewage costs.  Now a new hot water system will be added to the bill.


Dennis Marble of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter says, "The last conversation I just had with the engineer, was they have to talk about what capacity is needed and then look at existing infrastructure of the building. So, is it going to make more sense so put a smaller on demand gas heater in like this one or to put a tank like we have at home fixed to a furnace?"


The shelter is holding its annual fundraiser Hike for the Homeless this April.  You can register by going to


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