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12th Annual Free the Z Turkey Drive Kicks Off Tuesday


BREWER - Day one of the annual 'Free the Z Turkey Drive' was quite a windy one, but it didn't stop hundreds from swinging by the Hannaford parking lot in Brewer.

"We've been through every sort of weather condition you can think of," Kid, DJ at Z 107.3, says. "We've had down-pouring rain, mild sunny days, it doesn't matter what the elements are, we're not going anywhere."


From day to night, Kid's determination to make it through the next few days of the cold weather has many in agreement about his situation.


"He's crazy," Aiden, a young boy from Bangor, says. "I would never do it."


"He's an honorable human being," Bill Rae, Executive Director of Manna Ministries, says. "Maybe a little crazy, but he does this totally for this community."


"He's crazy, but it's a good cause, and it's well appreciated by everyone in the community," Charity, a Bangor resident, says.


2,013 turkeys are needed in order to get Kid out of the parking lot and back into his own home.


The 12th annual 'Free the Z Turkey Drive' sponsored by Z 107.3 collects the famous birds for local non-profit Manna Ministries.


"We're off to a good start," Rae says. "These guys are doing a great job. To those out in the community, thank you, you're a blessing, and it's time to give someone a turkey this year."


"To be able to come here and feel like they are really helping the community is just great," Emilie Bronson, live events manager at Townsquare Media, says.


This time of year is all about the spirit of giving, and the stories that follow suit make this event even more special.


"We had a family come up and say they hadn't been able to donate in the past and they really wanted to," Bronson explains. "Today they gave us 20 turkeys and it just warms your soul and brings a little tear to your eyes."


"For me personally, it's just getting to see the moms, dads, and kids getting a thanksgiving dinner that they probably wouldn't have had if it wasn't for something like this. It's unbelievable," Rae says.


Kid will be collecting donations and turkeys through Thursday, the day he hopes to be able to leave after completing his goal.

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