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Bangor Man Arrested for Essex Street Murder


BANGOR - Details still coming in surrounding the apparent murder of a Bangor woman Monday afternoon. The alleged murderer, Zackery Mailloux, 21, of Bangor, is being held at the Penobscot County Jail, charged with class A murder at an Essex Street apartment.

"When we moved here it was a good neighborhood, we thought it would be fine," Scott McCoy, a resident on the street, says.


The sight of Bangor Police and it's Mobile Investigation Unit parked in front of an Essex Street apartment has many asking questions.


Shortly after 2:00 p.m. Bangor Police received a call of a domestic related disturbance at building 166.


"Responding officers found a deceased female [upon entering]. The female is a resident of this apartment building," Lieutenant Timothy Reid, of the Bangor Police Department, states.


The man charged with the alleged murder is Zackery Mailloux, 21, also a resident of the apartment building.


Details surrounding the case are scarce, however will come to light over the next few days.


"There will be a probable cause affidavit which will have details," Lt. Reid says. "I assume that will be made available after arraignment."


Residents say it's not uncommon to see Bangor Police stake out this street, due to the number of incidents residents have seen and heard.


"Just fighting, people being really drunk and belligerent on the streets," McCoy explains. "What I would say is Bangor P.D. is always around - and that's a good thing for us. It makes me feel a lot better."


Mailloux is expected to make his first court appearance this week at the Penobscot Judicial Center.


An autopsy on the victim will be conducted Tuesday by the Medical Examiners Office in Augusta. The cause of death, and name of the female will also be released at that time.


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