Thursday, 14 November 2013 22:11

Mainers Show Growing Concerns with ObamaCare

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BANGOR - With surprisingly low ObamaCare enrollment numbers released just yesterday, and other woes tied to the President's signature health care policy, The White House is under intense pressure to get things fixed, and fast.
Our Erin Thomas has more.

One month after the launch of the government-run online exchanges, just over 106,000 people have signed up for health insurance. And officials are scrambling.

The Administration needs 7-million enrolled by March in order for the law to work.

On top of it all, widespread anger from millions of Americans whose current policies are being cancelled, despite the President's promise to the contrary.

On Thursday, Obama said people can hold on to those plans through 2014.

The President admits his Administration "fumbled" on the program's roll-out, and he's not happy, but vows to build a system that works.

Data also show very low enrollment among young people. This group is also critical to the law's success.

To have insurance on January 1st, consumers must enroll and pay their first premium by December 15th. Coverage for those signing up later, will start later.

ObamaCare enrollment closes March 31st. Those who still go without, will pay a fine.

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