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Circus Makes Final Stop in Bangor

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BANGOR - They've been on the road for nearly a year, and now the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus is making their final stop in the Queen City.


Kristin Hosfelt got a behind the scenes look at what's in store for circus-goers and how one act has a special bond with Bangor.

It's been hailed the greatest show on earth-- from high-wire walking and acrobatics to stunts you don't want to try at home. It's an unforgettable show for audience members but for performers it's a way of life.


Gala Rogacheva works with the circus animals, and while they don't look camera-shy, sometimes when they hit the stage, they've got other plans.


As a life-long member of the circus, she's been all over the world, but she was eager to visit Bangor because she knew it was home to someone special.


An avid Stephen King fan, her first stop was his West Broadway home. In fact, it was her love for King's novels that helped this Russian-native learn english.


And while it's exciting to wrap up the tour in the city home to her favorite author, there's not much down-time before they're on the road again.


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