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Maine's Spookiest Mysteries: UMaine Orono


ORONO - Our series Maine's Spookiest Mysteries is now halfway complete, and for the third installment we bring you to a place that welcomes over 11,000 young adults each year. The University of Maine in Orono has had quite the number of ghost stories passed down from class to class, from supposedly haunted dorms, to eerie ghost investigations, to even a so called 'fraternity mother' looking out for her boys.

Doors jiggling at night, furniture shifting around, just a few of the eerie occurrences tied to a ghost called Ma Balentine in Balentine Hall.


"It used to be an all girls dorm, so she watched over all the girls. Apparently when she was alive, she claimed that if it ever turned into a co-ed dorm, she'd forever haunt it," Emily DeWitt, President of the Paranormal Investigation Club, says.


Today that dorm is co-ed, with claims of footsteps coming from the vacant fourth floor, and Ma Balentine knocking to see if boys are in girls rooms after-hours.


"They are very convinced she is haunting it," DeWitt says.


Meanwhile DeWitt says the bike room in Somerset Hall is the eeriest encounter she's had when conducting a paranormal investigation on campus.


"People said they were seeing something in the middle of the room, that kept running around. People were having very odd feelings, uneasy feelings, and I just felt very sick," DeWitt explains.


Meanwhile across campus, the Beta Theta Pi fraternity says it's home to a ghost named Evelyn.


"Evelyn was our housemother a very long time ago. She lived in the house and would cook and clean for the brothers," Elijah Davis, a brother and the current resident of Evelyn's room, says. "Her room is on the third floor where she actually lived and died." 


The 'Protector of the Brotherhood' as she's called, appears to play a significant role in the brothers' relationships.


"When one of the frat brothers has a girlfriend that's not so faithful, or that she doesn't care for, she'll rattle things up in the house, or might appear to these women and scare them," DeWitt says.


"There was once a girl that experienced something paranormal, that she couldn't explain, that the brother couldn't feel," Davis says. "She ran away and didn't come back. Turns out she was supposedly cheating on him, so needless to say we trust Evelyn's judgement."


But the encounters don't stop there.


"There's a lot of stuff you'll set down and will find somewhere else, or you'll lose it and find it somewhere it really shouldn't be," Lucas Ashbaugh, a brother, says. "I once found my iPod behind my refrigerator, which is in the wall so it's hard to get into."


"I used to set my keys, on this tack on the wall, and almost every morning I'd wake up and they'd be on my desk," Davis explains. "I double checked it several times and it was definitely happening. I'm not one to really believe in the supernatural stuff, until I moved here."


Be sure to watch the last installment of Maine's Spookiest Mysteries Thursday night on ABC 7 at 6:00.

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