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House in the Woods Receives Check from Ladies MCLA

BANGOR - A Maine based organization that helps veterans and their families through difficult times, received a generous donation from the first Ladies Marine Corps League Auxiliary (MCLA) Sunday.


House in the Woods is a military and family retreat lodging program that specializes in outdoor recreational activities, like fishing and hunting.


This is all free of charge to those veterans and their families.


As part of it's newest mission of making a difference, 'Change for Vets' was established.


The first Ladies MCLA placed collection jars in businesses around the area collecting spare change to donate towards this fund.


"I believe so much in what Deana and Paul (House) are doing," Margaret Earley, President of the First Ladies Marine Corps League Auxiliary, says. "I've been to their place, and to different programs, and I just think veterans are so special."


"Every penny counts. We do a really good job of organizing, coordinating with suppliers, hotel owners, lodgers, and guides who give us the best deals," Deana House, of House in the Woods, says. "So when you're giving your money, every penny is going towards some way of helping a veteran."


The Ladies MCLA presented House in the Woods with a check for $1,500 dollars to go towards various equipment and necessities in the program.


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