Wednesday, 09 October 2013 21:26

Report Ranks Maine as 5th Most At-Risk State in Shutdown

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BANGOR - Governor LePage declared a state of emergency today to help minimize the effects of the government shutdown. The declaration will help the state government continue to operate even though some state workers and programs are funded by the federal government.

Meanwhile, as we head into the second week of the shutdown, a report released today shows which states are at high-risk of losing key funding.  Maine is one of them. Our Erin Thomas has more.

Mainers could be feeling the weight of the shutdown, more than most.

A report released following an evaluation by Wallethub, a personal finance social network, shows that the pine tree state ranks 5th in the nation for being "at-risk." Now experts credit two demographics for this standing.

Both senior citizens and veterans, rely heavily on the federal government for benefits. But experts say it could affect the rest of the population not long after.

While there is still no resolution to the shutdown in sight, the federal government has until Thursday before defaulting.

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