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9 Months in Prison, 2 Years Probation

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BANGOR - In a sudden turn of events, the trial of Rosemary Peterson ended Monday -- with jurors never getting to decide her fate.  That's because over the weekend, Peterson, in speaking with her attorney, decided to plead no contest.


"I think the defense realized they didn't have a good case, and the best thing to do was to plead guilty," says, District Attorney Christopher Almy.



It all started in June of 2012, when three men robbed an AE Robinson convenience store in East Corinth.  By her own admission, 26 year old Rosemary Peterson drove the getaway van.


"My client kind of got sucked into this after the fact as a pick up person," says Larry Willey, Peterson's attorney. That's because Peterson was romantically involved with Clifford Sprague, one of the trio.


Willey says, "It's very, very important for people to realize that when they're in a tough situation, get away from it."  The prosecution adds, "She may have been hanging around with a career criminal, prolific thief, but she made her own choices."



Jurors heard opening statements last week, and days worth of witness testimony. However, with Monday's plea, they went home, without rendering a verdict, "Without getting into client confidences, this is something we have been talking about for a very long time," says Willey.


Peterson will serve 9 months in prison and 2 years probation.  She is expected to turn herself in on the 21st of October.


"She's got to obtain her GED, do alcohol counseling, refrain from using drugs and alcohol, and she's got to stay away from the AE Robinson stores in the local area," says Almy.



Wiping away tears, Peterson spoke to the judge about a troubled childhood.  Before entering judgement against Peterson, Justice William Anderson said he could have imposed a longer sentence but says, "I don't see any sense in penalizing you more."




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