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Backyard Gardener: Fall Lawn Care

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BANGOR - Autumn in Maine can be a beautiful time of year, with the change in foliage.
But with those changes, comes leaves collecting on the grass. Our Erin Thomas tells you how you can care for your lawn this fall, in the latest "Backyard Gardener."

As Maine's foliage hits its peak, you may have noticed the leaves have started to drop.
Which poses the question, to rake or not to rake?

Kate Garland, Horticulturalist from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, says now is the time that your lawn is doing much of its photosynthesis work, and needs all of the light it can get.  Thus raking, is the best option.

But after raking, you shouldn't toss leaves in the trash.  The pile can be used to help next year's garden.

Kate advises composting, using coated wire or wooden pallets to build a container, because they allow for air flow.

Garden debris and plants can also be composted, but beware as the turn around rate isn't fast.

Kate also says fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and bulbs. Just be mindful of using well-drained soil.

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