Tuesday, 01 October 2013 21:42

Affordable Care Act and October 1st: What This Means for You

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NATION WIDE - Even though parts of our Government have come to a halt, health care reform is still very much alive, as a major part of the law launched Tuesday.


October 1st 2013, the day the federal affordable care act -- commonly known as Obama-Care --  rolled out its Marketplaces.


"This is the beginning of the opportunity for patients or citizens who don't have insurance to go onto the exchange," says Dr. James Raczek of EMMC.


On Tuesday, Penobscot Community Health Care held an educational forum on the law, and what it entails.  In short -- if you already have health insurance, you don't need to do anything, but those who go without coverage must enroll.


Dr. Noah Nesin says, "It is mandated for everybody and there is a tax penalty to pay."


To sign up, you should go healthcare.gov. You can also use the address Enroll207.com, that's the Maine connection to the Affordable Care Act.


Don't expect to see too many questions about your current health when you sign up, that's because they no longer apply.


"The prices are the same for everybody based on your age and where you live in the state and not on your health history or your family history," says Dr. Nesin.

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