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Trial Underway of Alleged Corinth Burglary Accomplice

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BANGOR - The trial of an alleged accomplice of a 2012 convenience store burglary in Corinth began this morning.

26 year-old Rosemary Peterson of Exeter appeared before a jury Tuesday morning.


She is indicted on burglary, theft, aggravated criminal mischief and arson charges.


The same charges Robert Mason, Clifford Sprague and Michael Chapman face for a burglary at an east Corinth convenience store known as A.E. Robinson Oil.

On June 22, 2012, surveillance footage shows two men leaving a pick-up truck, lowering the tailgate and ramming the vehicle through the store front.

Another angle shows the men, wearing dark clothing stealing cigarettes from a cabinet, and the entire Maine state lottery case.

The vehicle is believed to be stolen from Kaufman motors, and was later found on fire at on the Black Road in Corinth.

Prosecutors linked the torched truck's tire treads with evidence found at Clifford Sprague’s home, located on Becket Street.


Rosemary Peterson lives with Sprague and the two share a child.


A phone call to Peterson, places her in the driver seat of the getaway van, which led authorities to label Peterson as an accomplice.


The defense told jurors that the state had an incomplete investigation, saying Peterson was at her mother's home the night of the incident.


Laurence Willey, Peterson's attorney, says DNA evidence proves she was not involved.


According to the court, witness testimony may begin as early as this morning depending on the jurors’ schedules.


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