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Waterfront Sound Committee Meeting: Frequency Levels & Barriers

BANGOR - Despite the waterfront concert season ending a little over a week ago, the city's Waterfront Sound Committee met once again Tuesday night to try and work out sound issues tied to the venue with a consulting company sharing it's remarks.

Acentech, which consultants in acoustics, audiovisuals, and sound and vibration, took part via video conference.


In 2012 the company put together an initial sound analysis report before construction of the permanent stage this year.


Based on the findings from Acentech, the meeting was an opportunity to voice concerns from this past concert season.


"We'll have the committee just talk with them a bit about some of their thoughts, recommendations they may have for the committee to take a look at, and maybe ask some more questions about the initial findings and how they developed those," Tracy Willette, Director of Bangor Parks and Recreation, says.


Among the topics discussed included low frequency sound levels, as well as barriers that may help alleviate some of the noise issues for area residents.


"A barrier is only going to be effective if that line of sight between the source and the receiver is blocked.," Ben Markham, Director of Architectural Acoustics at Acentech, says.


Markham went on to say this is a particular challenge in Bangor for several reasons, one being the elevation levels around the city.


The committee will continue to meet to come up with a formal recommendation to present to the full council by October.

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