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Driver Misses Stop Sign, Causes Fatal Crash

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Driver Misses Stop Sign, Causes Fatal Crash

CORINTH - An intersection in Corinth was the scene of a fatal accident this weekend. It happened after a driver blew through a stop sign, that she says she couldn't see.

It happened between Route 15 and the Hudson Hill Road...a deadly scene Saturday night, after 36-year-old Christine Hood of New Hampshire missed a stop sign on Hudson Hill Road and hit a Buick driven by 69-year-old Keith Trask of Corinth.

Trask was traveling down Route 15 when the Chevy Avalanche driven by Hood struck his car and sent both vehicles into the ditch.

According to the Maine Department of Transportation, there have been five crashes in this same spot in the past three years, which is not considered a high-crash location.

There were seven crashes at this intersection between 2008 and 2012.

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