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Pumpkin Picking Harvest 2013


CORINTH - We can officially say that fall is in the air, and with that comes pies, apple picking, and now pumpkins. However with the amount of wet weather central Maine has had recently, some farms are not doing as well as hoped.
ABC 7 and FOX 22's Karina Bolster traveled to a farm in Corinth where they prove that to be untrue.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving just weeks away, pumpkin picking season has finally arrived.


However, reports of poor harvesting have traveled through the conversation vines, leading one farmer to say her fields are doing just fine after taking some advice from the University of Maine.


"The wet weather has caused the vines to get mildew. We were told by a fellow at UMaine that if we cut the pumpkins while they're starting to wilt with mildew, we can still have good pumpkin crops," Beverly Tate, a Corinth farmer, explains.


And cut Tate did, taking the laborious part out of pumpkin picking, leaving customers to simply choose a size.


"By following what they told us to do, we've got a large variety to choose from, compared to other farms," Tate says.


Tate adds that planting the seeds in soil covered with plastic tarps also aided in a successful harvest, while also letting them grow naturally.


"We've put very little chemicals on these plants, because they don't need any. They're good healthy pumpkins," Tate says.


However, ultimately Tate says the decision to cut the vines is what saved her large number of pumpkins to pick from.


Pumpkin picking at Tate's farm is everyday from dawn to dusk, with a guarantee of not paying more than seven dollars for one gourd.

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