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UMaine Professor Appears on Katie Couric's Talkshow

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UMaine Professor Appears on Katie Couric's Talkshow

BANGOR - A University of Maine professor had an experience of a lifetime, traveling to New York City for a taping of a nationally-televised program.

Amy Blackstone joined Katie Couric on her daytime talk show.


Couric interviewed Blackstone on how some married couples choose not to have children (termed 'childfree'), she and her husband included.


Blackstone,a sociologist, discussed her experience both personally and professionally.


"There's a myth that the childfree die lonely and really isolated deaths, and that couldn't be further from the truth. There's research that shows that the childfree do fair well as they age, and they don't regret their choice not to have children," Blackstone explains.


"The big thing is to actually choose to have a child, as opposed to choose not to have a child. To me it's a really backwards equation that you would default to the position of investing huge amounts of your life, time, money, effort, into something that you don't really know that you want," Lance Blackstone, Amy's husband, says.


Producers say the episode is expected to air this coming Monday, September 16 at 4 p.m.


Blackstone says that having the opportunity to speak with Couric, a role model of hers, was a great experience.


The Blackstones have created a group called 'We're Not Having A Baby Central Maine' which can be found on Facebook.


Additionally, they have a blog, which also played a role in being selected to talk on Katie.

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