Grease Disposal Causing Sewage Issues

It's not good for your heart, and it's not good for your grease is causing issues for the City of Bangor's sanitary sewer lines, and city officials are taking a proactive approach to remind people to dispose of cooking fats appropriately.
Officials say never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets. Instead, pour the grease into a jar and dispose of it in your trash.
"Grease can accumulate, or congeal and harden, and then cause plugs. And what will happen is the sanitary sewer line will actually overflow. So then you have sanitary sewage either in the street, or it can back up into the homeowner's basement, and sometimes it can overflow into streams," says Environmental Coordinator, Wynne Guglielmo.
If you have any questions regarding proper disposal, contact the city's environmental department at 992-4255.
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