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Children and ATV Safety

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CORINNA - ATVing is a popular outdoor activity in Maine. But in light of recent crashes involving children, we have to wonder, how safe this sport is for young ones? Erin Thomas explains.

You've probably seen it before: mom or dad, and a couple of kids  aboard the 4-wheeler for a joy ride. But putting little ones on these all-terrain-vehicles can be dangerous.


Paul Pepin, president of the ATV club in Corinna, says one of the most important things when teaching children how to ride ATVs, is education.

A free safety course  provides kids ages 10 to 16, with the basics. From how to manuveur an ATV...to building a fire if they get lost in the woods.

All the while, reinforcing one of the biggest things: wearing a helmet, a state law for riders under the age of 18.

With about 7,000 miles of trails in the state, ATVing can mean endless fun, even for the whole family if the proper precautions are taken.



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