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North Pond Hermit in Court


AUGUSTA - Christopher Knight, popularly known as the North Pond Hermit was in court Tuesday, hearing a list of charges against him -- and entering formal pleas.


This is a man we know very little about, yet he continues to draw fascination. On Tuesday, we heard him talk for the very first time though he didn't have much to say.


The only words that emerged from 47-year-old Christopher Knight's mouth, "Not Guilty,". The judge reading off charge, after charge, after charge.  The plea, however, is just a formality.


"He has always 100% completely accepted responsibility for what he did," says Walter McKee, attorney to Knight.



Knight indicted on 7 counts of burglary and 6 counts of theft.  Prosecutors say it's simply unrealistic to charge the man -- widely known as the "North Pond Hermit" -- for the hundreds of burglaries, thefts, and other crimes he's believed to have committed over the course of 27 years in the woods.


Maeghan Maloney, D.A. for Kennebec and Somerset counties, says "We can't proceed on all of those crimes, we can only proceed on the ones that are within the statute of limitations." She goes on to say, "He did spend an enormous amount of time separated from human contact, and that's something most of us can't imagine."


"People, as you heard were, felt bad for what was happening as he was clearly taking from them.  Leaving things out for him to take in the first place," says McKee.


Bail is set at 25,000 dollars and third parties are barred from posting it, but for those who send money Knight's way, he is doing something admirable with it.


"He' set up a bank account that will go to pay the victims and that was his decision," says Maloney.


The case is not expected to go to trial as both sides hope to reach a deal in the next few months.


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