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Maine Craft Guild's 38th Annual MDI Fine Crafts Show

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Maine Craft Guild's 38th Annual MDI Fine Crafts Show

BAR HARBOR - Mount Desert Island High School was full of intricate crafts this weekend as it played host to the Maine Craft Guild's 38th annual fine crafts show.


Over 70 of Maine's finest artisans had their works on display for purchase at the "MDI Directions show."


Sculptures, furniture, hand blown glass and jewlery could be seen through the gallery-like setting.


Its the Maine Craft Guild's longest running craft show, and its Flagship one.


"It has a major cultural effect. Things like the ideas about creative economy may perculate up, or how somebody else might make something themselves. We tell children that everything they see was made by somebody with their own hands," Linda Perrin, show coordinator for the Maine Craft Guild's MDI Directions show, says.


"The clients I've had, they've had nice homes. So I appreciate where the pieces end up, because they're going to enjoy them the rest of their lives, so it means a lot to me where they go," Michael Fleming, a driftwood artist, explains.


The Maine Craft Guild will hold its fourth annual Bar Harbor fine crafts show at Atlantic Oceanside, August 14-16.


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