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Detroit Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance

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Detroit Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance

SKOWHEGAN - The Palmyra man accused of beating a Detroit man to death last Thursday appeared before a Somerset County judge today for the very first time. Court documents are now unsealed and providing more details in the case.


22 year-old Jason cote hearing the formal murder charge against him in a Skowhegan courtroom.
his alleged victim: 47 year-old Ricky Cole.


A state police affidavit is now disclosing what led detectives to arrest Jason Cote.


According to the affidavit, Cote told a friend he struck Cole with a pipe in Cole's Detroit trailer.


An autopsy revealed Cole sustained a fractured skull, internal injuries, and died of blunt force trauma.
Cote reportedly told detectives he saw Cole the day before, but denied killing him.


David Lafleur, a friend of Cote's, told investigators he dropped him off at Cole's to get xanax -- Cote having snorted some earlier.

Investigators later recovered bloody clothes said to contain DNA from both Cote and Cole.


Cote now being held without bail. A future bail hearing has not been scheduled.



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