Friday, 26 July 2013 15:21

Local Students Get Back-to-School Shopping Spree

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BANGOR - Back-to-school shopping is an outing students look forward to each year. And Friday, 30 local students in need were awarded a target shopping spree for all their back to school needs.


It's a day these K - 12 kids look forward to.


"They're able to go shopping for their back-to-school supplies," says Captain Tim Clark of the Bangor Salvation Army, "they get to choose what they want, they get to get things that are their preferences and their tastes."


From pens and paper to bags and backpacks, students take pride in selecting all their own items.



It's all possible through a partnership between The Salvation Army and Target. The store provides an $81 gift card and The Salvation Army chooses the recipents.


Each kiddo is extremely grateful for the opportunity.


"I just want to give them a thank you," Kellen Dauphinee says.





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