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Ellsworth Hold Free Boat Rides for Sestercentennial

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Ellsworth Hold Free Boat Rides for Sestercentennial

ELLSWORTH - It was "Ahoy Mateys" Thursday afternoon in Ellsworth as free boat rides were given on Union River as part of the sestercentennial.

Boarding at the Ellsworth Waterfront Park and Marina, families made the climb aboard several boats to cruise down the river.


Starting an hour early Thursday afternoon, coordinators saw over 150 people walk down the ramp for these boat rides, many being first timers on the river.


"It's great. Not everyone is fortunate to have a boat and have access to the water. Going up and down the river, it's not heard of to see a bald eagle, seals, or some porpoises. It's something people live right next to but don't always get a chance to see," Roddy Ehrlenbach, son of the co-chair for the sestercentennial, explains.


The Ellsworth 250 centennial will continue through Sunday.


Friday events, Saturday events, and Sunday events can be found in the links.

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