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A Great Maine Adventure: Skydiving


PITTSFIELD - It doesn't get much more adventurous than jumping from a plane.  After much convincing from our director, our Erin Thomas attempted to overcome her fear of heights last week, and try skydiving. Check out her latest "Great Maine Adventure."

For my latest adventure I find myself in a plane 11,000 feet above the Earth's surface.  But what comes next, I still can't believe I mustered up the courage to do.

Before setting out to take my first tandem free fall, I got a lesson in the basics from an expert, Matt Riendeau at Vacationland Skydiving. Then I was harnessed up, and reminded of what to do once we jump.

Before I could change my mind we were climbing into the plane, and taking off.

After ascending for about twenty minutes I was hooked on to my instructor, given a pair of goggles, and bid my farewells.

And then we jumped.  After free falling for about 40 seconds, it's a five to ten minute ride back down to the ground.

And take it from me, I have no regrets, and can cross this accomplishment off my bucketlist.

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