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Packed House for Concert Noise Workshop

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Packed House for Concert Noise Workshop

BANGOR -- Noise was the topic that filled Bangor's City Council chambers to the walls, Monday night.


Specifically, noise generated by the popular Waterfront Concert series.  And there was plenty of passion on both sides of the discussion.


Monday's public workshop comes on the heels of dozens of area noise complaints, stemming from last week's heavy metal Mayhem festival.


Residents stepped up to the podium -- some spoke on economic development, others spoke on quality of life.


Councilors noted a need to strike a proper balance.


"When [people] talk about a quality of life, it's different for everybody," said councilor James Gallant. "So a 30-year-old's quality of life is not the same as a 65-year-old's, or a 55-year-old's. So really we need to look at how do we get the quality of life closer for everybody."


As for what can be done to potentially cut down on the outflow of sound to surrounding neighborhoods, Waterfront Concerts president Alex Gray says there are several options.


"The best way to do that is to put a cover over the structure, put some baffling in the roof, and then to continue working on fencing, buffering, things of that nature," said Gray.  A sound barrier like a highway barrier isn't really ultimately going to do a lot of you, because you've got such a contrast of noise."


There is also talk of forming a citizen committee to take a look at concert noise issues.


The main stage has already been rotated, and the venue altered, to address last season's complaints.

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