Passengers Aggravated After Flight Canceled to LaGuardia

BANGOR - At Bangor International Airport flights were delayed Monday afternoon and eventually canceled resulting from the accident at LaGuardia, leaving dozens who planned to fly on Delta flight 6375 extremely unhappy.

Originally scheduled for an afternoon departure time, passengers tell ABC 7 and FOX 22 that they found out the reason behind the delays from watching CNN, not the airport.


This left many people disgusted with the service at BIA, leading some traveling to Portland and Boston to try and rebook their flight.


"I think we'd feel a little safer flying out of a different airport at this point, and it's closer to home," Madeline Perish says.


"First it was delayed until five, then it got delayed until six, then delayed until 7, and then canceled. So it was an hour by hour situation," Jennifer Stevens explains.


"This is the second time just this season that this has happened to me at Bangor. I've gone and waited eight hours only to have the flight canceled eventually, and had to stay over and get a six a.m. flight," Thurman Smithgoll says.


"Delta airlines at Bangor International Airport has handeled this very poorly. There is no reason to have any confidence in the airport staff here at the airline," another passenger adds.


"There are no supervisors, only a lot of young kids which is all too much for them. I know the airline industry is making a lot of money by having fewer people. In the old days you'd have some sort of supervisor to do things for people, but now you don't give a damn and it's very clear. I'm very annoyed," a passenger from flight 6375 says.


The airport was issuing a $25 voucher that could be used at any area restaurant or hotel, although many passengers are just focused on reaching New York at this point.

Karina Bolster

[email protected]

Karina joined the WVII ABC 7 and WFVX FOX Bangor News team in March of 2013. Raised as part of a military family, she likes to consider Massachusetts as her "home-base". Karina graduated from Suffolk University located in Boston, Massachusetts where she majored in Communications. From January 2012 to July 2012, Karina was a student reporter for New England Cable News (NECN) and would take part in a live shot every Tuesday for The Morning Show, covering topics from current events to the "Trophy Town" teams.

Karina also has a huge passion for sports. While in college she interned for New England Sports Network (NESN) as a “NESN Daily” intern, as well as the TD Garden, working in the control room for the Bruins and Celtics games. Also as a former college softball player, she loves staying active and looks forward to trying some of the sports the Bangor area has to offer!

Karina Bolster
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