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Thomas Hill Standpipe Gets a Paint Job

BANGOR - 400 gallons of white paint.  That's how much crews need, to give the thomas hill standpipe a fresh new look.



Every 5 to 7 years, crews go through and chip off some of the old paint, replace a few shingles, and give it a fresh coat to brighten it up.


They also replace some of the 100 steps it takes to get to the observation deck.


City officials recognize the importance of this structure to Bangor and the State, and they try to keep it looking its best.


Engineer Assistant, Richard Phillips, says "We take charge of taking care of it very seriously. So we try to keep it up and in excellent shape."


The renovation costs roughly $160,000.00. Coming up this Wednesday, you will also get the chance to climb the stairs to the observation deck between 5 pm and 9 pm.


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