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Bangor YMCA Holds "Tri for the Y" Triathlon

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ORRINGTON - Athletes from around the state and the country, swimming, biking and running here in Maine at the "Tri for the Y" Triathalon Sunday morning in Orrington.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning to do a 750 yard swim, 12.4 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run as the Bangor YMCA held its second annual triathlon in part with Tri-Athlete sports.


"It's a fundraising triathlon raising money for youth programs to benefit children who cannot otherwise afford to participate in some of the programs at the Bangor Y," Adam Lauer, race director, says.


Those programs including the Wilderness Center at Camp Jordan, basketball programs, gymnastics, and daycare.


"I have two little kids so it's nice to have that for all the kids, because staying active is really important," race participant, Kitty Wilkin, says.


Though only in its second year, the participation for this triathlon was nearly double from last.


"It's great to be part of a team that's so passionate about the 'Y' and helping youth. To put on a quality event that people keep coming back to says a lot," CEO of the Bangor YMCA, Mike Seile, explains.


"I work in a school with kids - I see a lot of disadvantaged youth. For 20 years I worked for the 'Y' and have been a member at the 'Y' for about 30 years, so it's very important to me," Lorie Darling, race participant, says.


With athletes from all over the region and even from other states, the first person to cross the finish line just so happened to be last year's winner.


"It's great to have a repeat of last year, it was really unexpected today. The whole time I thought there was ten people right behind me so I gave it my all at the end and hung in there," Jayson Seaman, the men's first place finisher, explains.


The goal was to promote healthy living at any age, and some of the youngsters in attendance could be well on their way to taking part in a triathlon.


The Bangor YMCA's next big event will be a swim meet this fall for "Caring Connections" a non-profit part of Eastern Maine Medical Center that helps support women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and survivors of the illness.

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