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Bangor One of Top 10 Places to Vacation

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Bangor One of Top 10 Places to Vacation
Bangor is one of the best places in the country for a winter vacation or getaway, according to, a website that spotlights the nation's best places to live and visit.
"A gateway to winter adventures", says Bangor, Maine captivates when it comes to its historic buildings, downtown atmosphere, and snow covered landscape.
Among cities like Reno, Minneapolis, and Concord, New Hampshire, Bangor is one of America's hottest cold cities. Just a short drive to Hermon Mountain, visitors and locals alike can enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and tubing.
Liveability also highlighted the great restaurants and pubs, offering nightly entertainment. So as the snow begins to fall, don't hole up in your home, get outisde and experience the Queen City's gems.
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