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Maine's Heat Wave Affecting Energy Consumption


BANGOR - Temperatures are spiking in Maine, and in other parts of the nation, and many run air conditioners to beat the heat. Here's more on the topic of energy consumption and how it's affecting you.

For many the sound of relief in the air from these recent hot and humid days is the gust from an air conditioning system.


With those temperatures skyrocketing, AC's have been flying off the shelves.


"We've sold over 300 units in over the past three days. We've gotten 100 in each and every day, and we're going to sell out today. We are looking for more, and we expect to have some on Friday," Matt Littlejohn, assistant manager at Dennetts in Bangor, says.


However, running these systems non-stop could create some problems.


"When there's a heat wave of this period of time, it does tax the system, because people are using a lot more electricity because they are running air conditioners and that kind of thing, in addition to things they are normally running," Susan Faloon, a spokesperson for Bangor Hydro, says.


Faloon says changes to your daily routine can help you save some money on electricity every month.


"If you're running an air conditioner maybe just adjust the temperature up a of couple degrees, or if you have it on a timer - delay the time when you turn it on, or maybe not necessarily run it all day if you're not home, and also unplug things that you're not using," Faloon explains.


Popular systems this year include portable air conditioners, which can provide relief in any room.

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