Wednesday, 17 July 2013 22:07

Bradford Man to Serve 7 Years for Killing Neighbor

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BANGOR - The Bradford man convicted of manslaughter in the beating death of his neighbor in 2011, will serve 7 years behind bars.

That sentence handed down this aternoon at the Penobscot Judicial Center.



50-year-old Peter Robinson was sentenced to 14 years with all but 7 suspended.


In April, a jury found Robinson guilty of manslaughter, after beating 71-year-old David Trask to death with a crowbar.


The defense says it was self-defense, but the family of the victim says they're still not buying it.


"7 years is just like, as far as I'm concerned the system might as well put the finishing blow to my father," David A. Trask told reporters following the sentencing.



The courtroom was full of emotion Wednesday- as family member after family member asked the judge to pass down a maximum sentence for the death of David Trask.


They wanted thirty years, and say 7 is nothing.


"If you want to get away with murder all you have to do is call 911, and put the performance of your life on," Ruth Trask, the wife of the victim says, "that's how he got away with murder."



But the defense says Robinson had no other choice on the night of November 12th 2011.


He feared for his life and acted in self-defense. Friends and family of Robinson told the judge he's a good person, always giving back to others.


His attorney says he would have liked a sentence of 10 years with all but 3 suspended, but he's not surprised.


"I don't necessarily think it's fundmentally unfair," says Defense Attorney Thomas Hallett, "we have not yet made any decisions as to where we go from here- whether there will be an appeal or how we're going to handle it."


"I need to talk to my client and digest it for a bit."