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Egyptian Belly Dancing Class Held in Bangor


BANGOR - If you're looking to try something new and fun for excerise this summer, Zanji studio in Bangor is holding an eight week course in Egyptian belly dancing.

It was all about moving the hips and upper body at the studio Monday night as women took part in the first class of Egyptian belly dancing.


"This is an eight week progressive course. We start the beginners with walking, and hopefully when they come out of here they can dance by themselves," Brenda McLeary, instructor for Middle Eastern Dance for Zanthia, says.


Focusing on isolating certain parts of the body, Karina Bolster and Aaron Jackson took part in this not so simple task.


"For the western person, anything that moves the top half of the body is diffcult, because for so many years you keep this pretty much still. The other thing would be undulation, that's moving that spine that it's not taught to do," McLeary explains.



Initially focusing on hip movements, the class progessed into upper body moves, and then even walking.


For some in attendance, belly dancing has been on their bucket list for a while.


"It's been on it for many years, and I figured I'd take out time to do it," Susie says.


Of course with summer in full swing, this sort of exercise is bound to help define your body.


"Especially the abs. It's swimming suit time, so what better time to take it," Susie explains.


"This is for a woman to come in and find out that she can be comfortable in her body no matter what size. She can enjoy being a female, she can enjoy the feminine side of herself. This is all about women coming in and becoming familiar and happy in their own skin," McLeary says.


McLeary wants the males to know that they are more than welcome to register. She will be accepting new students until next Monday (07/22). The eight-week session costs $75 and is held every Monday night from 7-8:30.


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