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Backyard Gardener Part 10: Rooftop Gardening


BANGOR - As things continue to come along in our garden, we set out this week to see how others are growing. Finding one organization that's making use of space, up above. Our Erin Thomas has the latest in "Backyard Gardener."

When it comes to rooftop gardening, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Horticulturalist Kate Garland, says the growing season actually starts a month earlier.

That's the advantage the folks at the Hammond Street Senior Center have when growing veggies on their roof. 

But it didn't always look like this. Now the top of the old brick building holds multiple hand-made boxes, each hooked up to an irrigation system.

A way of watering that takes less time and keeps crops hydrated when the temperatures rise. Which garden co-founders, Charlie and Gale, say does tend to happen.

Another perk, this mirco-climate extends their growing season an extra month into the fall.

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