Wednesday, 10 July 2013 21:44

Researcher Studying Conservation of Blue Spotted Salamander

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ORONO - Vernal pools in Maine are an important breeding spot for one amphibian in the spring. And now, a University of Maine researcher is leading a study to keep these bodies of water protected for the Blue Spotted Salamander. Our Erin Thomas reports.

Blue Spotted Salamanders rely on vernal pools like this one, to breed. And now, there's a research study underway by a University of Maine grad student to learn more about the movement of these amphibians.

Kristine Hoffman and her assistants are using a tracking system to measure how far the salamanders travel from the vernal pools.

A small chip is implanted into the animal, which can then be detected using radio waves. Once the team determines the distance each salamander has traveled, they can use that data to come up with a plan.

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