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Wild Blueberries Help Digestion, UMaine Researchers Report

ORONO - A new study out of the University of Maine says Lowbush Wild Blueberries can be good for the gastrointestinal system.

These blueberries are native to eastern and central Canada, but can also be found in Maine.


The study conducted was tested with rats, who received powder made from the blueberries.


Doctor Vivian Wu, and associate professor at UMaine, says the results were unexpected, given some of the other studies conducted.


"We discovered that blueberries did increase the number of probiotics - a group of micro-organisms. This helps enhance the number of good micro-organisms in our GI system," Wu explains.


Maine is the nation's top producer of wild blueberries.


Last year's harvest was more than 91-million pounds.

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